Really, It’s Just a Song I’ve Been Feelin’

Feelin’? Would that be the proper way to describe how I feel toward this song? I don’t really know. But! Nevertheless, it is a song I like so, of course, I want to share it!

A few months ago I was messing around on Spotify and found out Spotify can basically duplicate any playlist you’ve made – with the same genre but different songs. So, I have a playlist titled For That Mood and had been listening to Spotify’s version of it when I found this song.

Bummin’” is a song by Reliant K, and I’ve been feelin’ it.

I don’t even really have much to say about the song, other than that I like it. I don’t even know what it’s about! I like the tune of it, and it gets stuck in my head alot . . . Plus I use the word “bum” in my vocabulary quite often (I refer to my dog, Emmy, as a bumble berry, but just say “bum” for short), so that adds to why I like it so much at the moment.

Sooo anyway . . . listen to the song! Tell me if you like it or if you have any song suggestions! I’d appreciate it!


Album of the Week!

Blink 182 is a band you’ve most likely heard of in some way or another. Blink formed in the suburbs of San Diego, California and emerged into the post-Green Day mainstream explosion of pop-punk. They released a steady stream of hits, bolstered by humorous, tongue-in-cheek music videos.

The bands latest album, Californiareleased on July 1 of this year is this weeks Album of the Week!


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I think this is a great, very fun album. Although there are serious tracks in the album – such as “Home is Such a Lonely Place” and “Left Alone” – there are also some pretty ridiculous tracks, like “Built this Pool” (of whom’s lyrics are: ‘I wanna see some naked dudes, that’s why I built this pool’ . . . that’s it. Those are the lyrics.)

Have you listened to California? If so, what are your favorite tracks? A couple that frequently get stuck in my head are “Bored to Death“, “She’s Out of Her Mind“, and “San Diego“.

Information about Blink 182 was taken from Spotify

A Young Girls’ First EP

Dodie Clark is a ukulele playing Youtuber from the UK – and she’s releasing an EP!

Dodie’s EP Intertwined – which you  can preorder on iTunes and Google Play now – will be out on November 18th. Watch her announcement video here: HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT



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Not only will Dodie be releasing her own EP, she also released a single which you can now listen to on Spotify called “Sick of Losing Soulmates“. This single was #1 on Soptify’s UK Viral Chart on October 19th.


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One of my personal favorite songs of Dodie is “Would You Be So Kind

Do you watch Dodie on Youtube? What is your favorite song/cover of hers? Please share in the comments!

Calling All Melanie Martinez Fans!

Itching for some new Melanie merch? Melanie has recently released new merch on her store! Shop here.

BUT WAIT! There’s more! (Super cliche phrase, I know. But hang with me for a sec!)

Melanie has teamed up with Spotify for a sweepstakes! Follow Melanie and her Best of Melanie Martinez playlist on Spotify for a chance to win an ultimate merch pack! Enter to win here.

Hurry! The contest ends on October 31st!


This photo is taken from Google. All information is taken from Melanie Martinez’s email news letter.

Wanna Dance?

We all get in moods sometimes where we just want to move to a beat. But, sometimes we can’t find the right music to do so…

I have a solution to your problem! I’ve made a playlist specifically for you to dance to! This Dance Around playlist includes over 5 hours of dancey (pretend like that’s a word) music! No, you don’t have to dance to it for over 5 hours – but you could!

What did you think? Do you have any suggestions to songs I should add to the playlist? Don’t forget to comment!