Music Video for Guys My Age

One of my first blog entries on Total Band Geek was about Hey Violet’s song “Guys My Age” that had just recently come out as I made my blog. And now – the music video has been released!

When I first watched the music video, I didn’t quite understand. I didn’t get how what was happening had any correlation to the song . . . until the end of the music video!

At the end of the music video lead singer Rena wakes up in her boyfriends car at a drive-in theater. (a drive-in theater is a bit retro… its an outdoor theater where the movie is projected onto a large screen, you park your car and watch the movie while in your car, kiddos.)  This leads me to believe that the rest of the music video before this clip is a dream she had about finding a boyfriend who’s more mature.

I did like the video, and I found it really aesthetically pleasing. I love the retro-type vibe that’s played throughout the music video – especially all the neon lights.

What did you think of the music video? Let me know in the comments!