The Maine have announced…EVERYTHING!

About a week ago, The Maine made an announcement about . . . well, basically everything!


During a live stream, they released a single, “Bad Behavior” . . .

announced the name of their next album, Lovely, Little, Lonely, and its release date – 4/7/17 (pre-order on iTunes and Google Play!) . . .


and announced their Lovely, Little, Lonely world tour – which starts on March 25th in the UK!


I am so excited about the world tour and album announcement and I love the new single! Those ‘yeah’s are pretty catchy…

What’s your overall reaction to the announcements? Which one are you most excited about? Will you be able to see them on tour? If so, where? Let me know in the comments!

Images taken from The Maine’s twitter account, GIF taken from Google


Ukulele Update!

A few days ago I posted Help! which was full of questions that I had about ukuleles. Recently I found this article on Ukuguides which successfully answered many of the questions that I had. I completely suggest it to anyone who would like to learn a little more about ukes or if they would like suggestions about where to buy them or which would be the best to buy.

Ukuguides is, you could say, a sister-site to Ukutabs which is a wonderful site where you can find the correct chords to play on the ukulele to a large variety of different songs. I have been using this site since I’ve learned to play ukulele and find it very very useful! So of course I also suggest this site to anyone interested in playing different songs on their uke 🙂

Anyway, Ukuguides answered my questions and I think I’ll be buying the Luna Ukulele Concert Tattoo Mahogany with Gigbag – or, as I find it much easier to refer to it as “the concert uke” – as soon as I can!