The Maine in Concert

Hi! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while . . . I really don’t want this blog to die! I know I’m not the best at this sort of updating, but I do what I can! That, and I want to keep this blog alive because I really like the layout . . .

Anyways, I saw The Maine live! I saw them on May 8th at the Skyway Theater in Minnesota – the last show of the Lovely Little Lonely tour in the U.S.!


The Maine performing at Skyway Theater, MN (this is my original photo)

They. Were. AMAZING! I’ve been wanting to gush about the concert for a while now (and have a bit to friends) so let’s talk!

The Opening Bands

Opening for The Maine were Beach Weather and The Mowgli’s.

Beach Weather were good, they kept the crowds attention and interacted very nicely. I think the best part of their set was when they had a crew member come out and dance all silly-like to one of the songs. That guy had to be my favorite part!


Beach Weather performing at Skyway Theater, MN (this is my original photo)

As for The Mowgli’s: THEY WERE ADORABLE! I thought they were one of the cutest bands! Their music is very upbeat and happy, it gives you summer vibes! Their songs were ones that you really want to be able to sing along to live (and any other time you listen to them). Luckily we had listened to a few of their songs on the way to the venue, so we were able to chime in at a few points! There’s a chance I’ve found a new favorite band . . . super excited to listen to more of their music!


The Mowgli’s performing at Skyway Theater, MN (this is my original photo)

A couple side notes: (1) my favorite song of The Mowgli’s would have to be San Francisco. Leave a comment letting me know what your favorite The Mowlgi’s song is! (2) nbd but I was gushing about The Mowgli’s on twitter and Katie, the female singer in the band, noticed me! I was pumped and also Katie is a super cute person (my friend and I were talking about how cute she is as we watched them perform!)

The Maine (lol) Performance

God. I love. The Maine. So much.

First of all, The Maine are super dedicated to the aesthetic of Lovely Little Lonely! The stage was decorated with grass and flowers, there were little trees on the perimeter, and there were clouds hung in the background! (said clouds lit up differently depending on the song. I loved them!) And Ken’s guitar design was all flowers!


Lovely Little Lonely stage design. Taken from The Maine’s Instagram account.

The Maine are such good performers! Absolutely brimming with energy! The lead singer, John, was constantly running around the stage, jumping, stomping, and interacting with the crowd! And the crowd ate. it. up. Loved it!

I feel really lucky to have been able to be a part of the Lovely Little Lonely experience, especially with the setlist! This was my first time seeing The Maine, and over the course of  5 or 6 months I had listened to and fallen in love with a bunch of their music. There were specific songs I especially wanted to see live, such as Diet Soda Society, My Heroine, and Girls Do What They Want – and guess what was on the setlist? Those songs! Agh, I’m still full of happiness over it.

A personal side note: I don’t think I’ve ever become so emo over a band after seeing them live as I have with The Maine. Since seeing them, I cant stop thinking about their performance or listening to their songs. I want to see them again already! I cant think of any other words to describe this feeling other than emo. Which, is The Maine’s goal I guess . . . I mean, they do want to Make America Emo Again.

Well, I think that’s enough gushing for now. Have you seen The Maine, The Mowgli’s, or Beach Weather live? Let me know where and what you thought of their performance by leaving a comment!


Music Video for Believer – out now!

January 31st of this year Imagine Dragons released their single “Believer”!

Believer is a song with, in my eyes, multiple different meanings – a different one with each verse. Overall, “Believer” is about pain and how it can change your viewpoints and/or make you realize things you maybe haven’t given thought to before.

As of today, March 7th, the music video for “Believer” has been released!

The music video portrays Dan Reynolds combating Matt Eastin in a boxing match as a young boy scribbles in a notebook some ways away. What I see is that these three people are actually the same man – he, as a boy, draws on a notebook as the adult version of himself fights the older adult version. What’s even stranger is that these adult men seem to be computer generated, each with the symbol ‘ƎE’ tattooed on their chest.

Watch the music video for “Believer” below – tell me what you think it means by leaving a comment!

New Song from The Maine!

Over the weekend, The Maine dropped a track from their upcoming album, Lovely Little Lonely.

March 2nd, the new track “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” was uploaded onto The Maines youtube account, and, as of  Saturday, is now available to purchase on iTunes/Google Play and able to stream on Spotify!

black butterflies and deja vu

“Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” is a lovely song with adorable lyrics, such as ‘I loose my voice when I look at you’, ‘hoping for the right words, waiting for the right words’, and ‘can’t find the sound under my tongue when I look at you.’

black butterflies and deja vu lyric art.jpg

Lyric art from “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” taken from twitter user Laisa (@jennydontyoucry)

The meaning is apparent, being tongue tied when seeing that one person that causes those (black) butterflies to flutter around in your stomach. You may have been in association with this person a countless number of times, so these butterflies may seem like deja vu – yet the continue to fly each time.

Listen to “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” here!

Let me know what you think of the new track! Are you excited for Lovely Little Lonely? Leave a comment!

New Music Video from The Maine!

That’s right, The Maine have released the music video for Bad Behavior!

On twitter Pat Kirch, drummer, said the video is for the 8123 family – and rightly so, as the music video displays several short clips from different crowds at different venues, 8123 fest being one of them.

Watch the music video for Bad Behavior below!


I, for one, haven’t been able to see The Maine live (yet), and this music video makes me want to see them so badly! Even more than I already did!

What did you think of the music video? What do you think of Bad Behavior? Let me know by leaving a comment!

The Maine have announced…EVERYTHING!

About a week ago, The Maine made an announcement about . . . well, basically everything!


During a live stream, they released a single, “Bad Behavior” . . .

announced the name of their next album, Lovely, Little, Lonely, and its release date – 4/7/17 (pre-order on iTunes and Google Play!) . . .


and announced their Lovely, Little, Lonely world tour – which starts on March 25th in the UK!


I am so excited about the world tour and album announcement and I love the new single! Those ‘yeah’s are pretty catchy…

What’s your overall reaction to the announcements? Which one are you most excited about? Will you be able to see them on tour? If so, where? Let me know in the comments!

Images taken from The Maine’s twitter account, GIF taken from Google

Album of the Week!

This week I’ve decided to work on my list of 7,000+ artists I want to listen to and delved into Mayday Parade! I don’t know much about Mayday Parade; I’ve heard they’re good and heard multiple people talk about them, so I figured they must be worth a listen. (They totally are)


The first song I heard from them was “Miserable at Best” from A Lesson in Romantics off some playlist or another. I haven’t listened to all of their albums yet, I think there’s still an album and an EP I haven’t heard yet…

When I began listening to them I was set on Monsters in the Closet being this weeks album – but then I heard Anywhere but Here last night and . . . this weeks Album of the Week is Anywhere but Here!


Anywhere but Here is full of music that just sounds good! Not the type of good that a lot of songs are, but the type of good that makes you feel good! To me, it’s the type of music that you would want to blast and ugly scream to. (Which I’m planning on doing after I’ve got some of the lyrics memorized)

A couple of my favorite tracks are “Kids in Love” and . . . every single other track on this album!


I encourage everyone to listen to both Anywhere but Here and Monsters in the Closet. And after you do, tell me which you liked better and what your favorite tracks are in the comments! Also, if you have any Mayday Parade album/song suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments!

Photos taken from Google

p.s. I’m sorry that all I’ve been posting are Album of the Weeks. I want to post more content but school got a bit hectic recently so I haven’t been able to do much more. I do want to continue posting at least once a week so, until I have more content, these albums are really all that will be posted. However I have been working on some playlists so hopefully those will be ready to be posted soon!


Album of the Week!

This weeks album of the week is my favorite Fall Out Boy album: Save Rock and Roll!


This image was taken from Google

Save Rock and Roll has 11 tracks, 4 of which feature the artists Foxes, Big Sean, Courtney Love, and Elton John!

Not only does this album come with great songs (such as “Miss Missing You“) each track comes with it’s own music video – which all come together to form a story! Watch the longform uncut version here!

A few of my favorite tracks are “Young Volcanoes“, “Just One Yesterday“, “Where Did the Party Go“, and “Alone Together” – what about you? What are your favorite Fall Out Boy albums, or albums in general? Don’t forget to suggest an album in the comments for a chance for it to get featured as Album of the Week!

Also! Earlier this year in March I was able to see Fall Out Boy in concert on Wintour! I had a great time listening to so many of my favorite songs of theirs. 🙂 Actually, during “The Kids Aren’t Alright” the crowd was being shown on the large screen on the ceiling in the middle of the arena and I happened to be shown for a good number of seconds! That would have to be one of the most exciting parts of the night, haha! I really enjoyed seeing them and often look back at it with quite a longing to see them again!


This is my original photo