I think I’ve Fallen in Love with A(nother) Band

One of my first posts on this blog was about the song “American Candy” by The Maine (said post was sufficiently titled American Candy). Ever since I found that song I’ve been wanting to listen to more of that band, and recently I finally did!


I thought it was appropriate that I would listen to the album American Candy first, since the first song of theirs I had heard was off that album. And let me tell you, man: this album is good.


On American Candy the first track is “Miles Away“, which starts you off with a chill vibe – the song’s repetitive chorus easily getting lodged in your ear. (That doesn’t sound nice . . . but believe me, it’s quite pleasant.) Then, as the album goes on, the songs seem to keep getting better and better!

I don’t know if I have one particular favorite from this album, there are so many good tracks. I really like “My Hair“, “English Girls“, “Diet Soda Society“, “Am I Pretty?“,”(Un)Lost“, “Another Night on Mars” and, of course, “American Candy.” This, my friends, is already a list half the album.


“(Un)Lost” lyrics

The next album I listened to is Forever Halloween – a much calmer album compared to American Candy. (Not that American Candy is fast-paced, Forever Halloween is just a super chill album.)


My first time listening to this album was today, so I don’t have a lot of commentary on it. There are multiple gems in this album, such as “Ugly On The Inside“, but my favorite song would have to be “Kennedy Curse.” My interpretation of this song is that it’s about someone who has a hard time loving or showing affection. But, of course, it can be interpreted in many different ways.


“Kennedy Curse” lyrics

As a mentioned above, I only just listened to Forever Halloween – so these are the only two albums of The Main that I have listened to so far. I understand that’s a small quantity, but their music is so good I had to talk about them!

Have you listened to The Main? What’s your favorite track and/or album? Don’t forget to comment! And feel free to suggest music to me!

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A Song That Deserves Recognition

Halestorm is a hard rock band whose lead singer, Lzzy Hale, has amazingly powerful vocals. I can only dream of having vocals like hers.

There is a song off their The Strange Case of . . . album titled “In Your Room” which is full of powerful imagery and heartfelt lyrics. I appreciate this song so much because of those reasons.

“In Your Room” is about a person trying to get someone they’re close to to open up a bit more. The person who is narrating, you could say, attempts to coax the other by saying “Let me in your room, I’ve seen the rest of you.” This lyric goes on with “But I know there’s something more in your room…” meaning that although the person speaking knows this other being very well, they can sense that they’re hiding something from them – there’s just something they haven’t said yet.

The song uses brilliant imagery in the lyrics that entail: “A few pictures from your past, and those walls you’ve painted black, and the secrets that you keep under your bed.” I really really like this imagery because the way the song describes things makes it so so easy to imagine in your head exactly what’s being depicted.

Another lyric from this song that I appreciate is in the last verse which talks about a poster of their favorite band. All the things depicted in this room have been things that are very important emotionally to the person – pictures from their past, walls or things they don’t want to look back on that have been painted black, secrets hidden under the bed, and unopened letters from their dad – and the poster is included. This means that the band on that poster is also important to them, the bands music (or music in general) could have helped them get through a rough spot in time – possibly one of the times that have now been painted black.

Anyway, this song has so much meaning to it that of course can be taken different ways depending on how you look at them. If you’ve listened to the song, what do you think certain lyrics or the song in general means? Does it have any special meaning to you? Are there any certain lyrics you connect with? If you feel comfortable, please share your thoughts in the comments.

If you have yet to listen to the song, I completely suggest that you do. Here is a lyric video of the song for you to watch, listen to, and – most importantly – enjoy.


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