Album of the Week!

Hey, it’s been a . . . few weeks since I’ve posted one of these. Sorry! My music discovery days have been slow (plus I’ve been hooked on The Maine since I last posted.)

This weeks Album of the Week is Ambitions by ONE OK ROCK!


ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese band formed in Tokyo in 2005. They have been on multiple different tours, their most recent tour adventure was opening for 5 Seconds of Summer on their Sounds Live Feels Live tour.


ONE OK ROCK on stage with 5 Seconds of Summer during the Sounds Live Feels Live tour

Recently (as in, today, recently) they released their album Ambitions – which features a couple tracks with Alex Gaskarth and 5 Seconds of Summer!

Personally, I found this album through 5 Seconds of Summer’s fanbase. I had listened to ONE OK ROCK before, having “Decision” from their 35xxxv album added on my Spotify. I had heard that 5SOS were going to be featured on ONE OK ROCK’s song “Take What You Want” off of this latest album, and decided to give it a listen.

Let me tell you . . .

it is GOOD!

I first experienced this song from a 5SOS fans standpoint, so that’s how I will be talking about it for a minute. “Take What You Want” is incredibly different compared to 5SOS previous music. 5SOS are somewhat of a punk pop band, but ONE OK ROCK do beat them in that area by being a bit more punk. That being said, ONE OK ROCK’s music is screamier than 5SOS music – so it was very different to hear 5SOS in a screamy song.

“Take What You Want” is definitely more vocally intense. It was different to hear 5SOS pushing their vocals to the limit, versus usually bopping along to their harmonious melodies. Nevertheless, it was still really nice to hear. (Some fans consider this as new music from 5SOS – I personally don’t but 5SOS haven’t released any new music in a few months so it was really really nice to hear their voices doing something new!)

After feeling satisfied from “Take What You Want”, I decided to listen to the rest of Ambitions. To be honest, the first few songs didn’t stand out from each other very much; they all seemed to be incredibly similar, nothing really spectacular about them. However, that changed once the album hit “Hard to Love“, one of the slower songs on the album. It was a nice change, and it really catches your attention to go from something so energy packed to soft and melodic. The tracks from then on vary, causing your attention to be held firm.


My favorite tracks off Ambitions are: “Hard to Love”, “Bedroom Warfare“, “American Girls“, “I Was King“, “Start Again“, and “Take What You Want.”

Have you listened to Ambitions or any other ONE OK ROCK songs? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment! Feel free to leave any music suggestions, too!

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Album of the Week!

This week I’ve decided to work on my list of 7,000+ artists I want to listen to and delved into Mayday Parade! I don’t know much about Mayday Parade; I’ve heard they’re good and heard multiple people talk about them, so I figured they must be worth a listen. (They totally are)


The first song I heard from them was “Miserable at Best” from A Lesson in Romantics off some playlist or another. I haven’t listened to all of their albums yet, I think there’s still an album and an EP I haven’t heard yet…

When I began listening to them I was set on Monsters in the Closet being this weeks album – but then I heard Anywhere but Here last night and . . . this weeks Album of the Week is Anywhere but Here!


Anywhere but Here is full of music that just sounds good! Not the type of good that a lot of songs are, but the type of good that makes you feel good! To me, it’s the type of music that you would want to blast and ugly scream to. (Which I’m planning on doing after I’ve got some of the lyrics memorized)

A couple of my favorite tracks are “Kids in Love” and . . . every single other track on this album!


I encourage everyone to listen to both Anywhere but Here and Monsters in the Closet. And after you do, tell me which you liked better and what your favorite tracks are in the comments! Also, if you have any Mayday Parade album/song suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments!

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p.s. I’m sorry that all I’ve been posting are Album of the Weeks. I want to post more content but school got a bit hectic recently so I haven’t been able to do much more. I do want to continue posting at least once a week so, until I have more content, these albums are really all that will be posted. However I have been working on some playlists so hopefully those will be ready to be posted soon!


Album of the Week!

This weeks album of the week is my favorite Fall Out Boy album: Save Rock and Roll!


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Save Rock and Roll has 11 tracks, 4 of which feature the artists Foxes, Big Sean, Courtney Love, and Elton John!

Not only does this album come with great songs (such as “Miss Missing You“) each track comes with it’s own music video – which all come together to form a story! Watch the longform uncut version here!

A few of my favorite tracks are “Young Volcanoes“, “Just One Yesterday“, “Where Did the Party Go“, and “Alone Together” – what about you? What are your favorite Fall Out Boy albums, or albums in general? Don’t forget to suggest an album in the comments for a chance for it to get featured as Album of the Week!

Also! Earlier this year in March I was able to see Fall Out Boy in concert on Wintour! I had a great time listening to so many of my favorite songs of theirs. 🙂 Actually, during “The Kids Aren’t Alright” the crowd was being shown on the large screen on the ceiling in the middle of the arena and I happened to be shown for a good number of seconds! That would have to be one of the most exciting parts of the night, haha! I really enjoyed seeing them and often look back at it with quite a longing to see them again!


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Album of the Week!

This weeks album is of one of my most favorite bands – Imagine Dragons!

Imagine Dragons are an alternative rock band composed of 4 members – Dan Reynolds (lead singer), Ben Mckee (bass player), Wayne Sermon (guitarist), and Daniel Platzman (drummer).


The band has, among many EPs, two albums released: Night Visions and Smoke and Mirrors. The album for this week is the deluxe version of Night Visions!


Night Visions deluxe has 16 tracks and in those tracks are hundreds of meaningful lyrics. That’s one of the main reasons I love this band: their songs have a deeper meaning.

For example, their single “Demons.” This song, of course, can be interpreted in many ways, however you see fit, but this is how I see it: “Demons” is about person A wanting to keep person B safe, secure, untouched by the terrible things in this world.

There are many lyrics in “Demons” that hint at the bad things in the world; such as ‘And the ones we hail are the worst of all’. The way I see this lyric, I see it as the priests in churches. Many people look up to them and see them as close to God – and yet these priests do the worst of things. I really, really don’t want to get into detail of what I’ve heard, so if you’re confused please Google it, I guess.

Another lyric I like from “Demons” is ‘when the lights fade out all the sinners crawl.’ To me, this is about the show. The show everyone puts on, those in your neighborhood and those controlling the things we see in entertainment. We all put on that every thing’s fine, but when we’re alone – when the lights have faded out – the real thing sets in. The sadness, the pain, the misery. The sinners crawl. Of course, there are much better ways to explain what I’ve just said and better things to compare it to.

So, those are examples of the things person A wants to keep person B from seeing and experiencing. However, ‘no matter what we breed, we still are made of greed’, we can’t change things, no matter how hard we try. It’s just not humanly possible. And ‘with the beast inside, there’s nowhere we can hide’ – person A has already been affected by the world. Person B isn’t even safe from the person that wants to keep them safe.


That, in my eyes, is what “Demons” is about. And, because of that meaning, “Demons” is one of my top favorite Imagine Dragons songs. Also, in Smoke and Mirrors there is a track, “Dream“, that, to me, is about a person realizing that this world isnt what they thought it was. It isnt all the colors that they painted in their head – they’ve realized it’s not as magical as they thought it was. Because of what I think “Dream” is about, I feel it goes hand-in-hand with “Demons” in the way that I think “Dream” is about person B who’s grown up now and isn’t shielded by person A anymore. “Dream” is also one of my top favorite Imagine Dragons tracks.

Night Visions is about more than the badness of the world, of course! There are fun tracks too, such as “On Top of the World“, and “It’s Time.” One of my favorite lyrics from “It’s Time” is ‘now don’t you understand? I’m never changing who I am.’ I find it really empowering.

its time gif.gif

What are your favorite tracks from Night Visions? My favorites are “Demons“, “Radioactive“, “Amsterdam“, “Hear Me“, “Round and Round“, “The River“, and “Selene“! Share your favorite Smoke and Mirrors tracks, too in the comments!!

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Album of the Week

As much as I would love to have 5SOS’s Sounds Good Feels Good as this weeks album of the week, that album already had a spotlight post this week because it just turned 1! You can read that post here, if you’d like.

So! This week’s album of the week is Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez!


From what I’ve noticed (and heard other people say), Melanie Martinez specialty with Cry Baby is that she takes serious – or not so serious – problems and situations and compares them to something childish.

For example: in a single off the album, “Dollhouse“, Melanie compares a not-so-perfect family to dolls in a doll house. When the little girl (society/the public eye) that plays with them isn’t playing with them and has the dollhouse doors close, the dolls act as their normal selves, like in Toy Story. Everyone outside of the house sees these dolls, this family, as your average, so called “perfect”, family. But they don’t see what happens when the doll house doors are closed. The husband is cheating. The moms an alcoholic. The brother does drugs. Etc etc etc. But, when the doors to the dollhouse are back open, they act as they do in public and let the little girl control and have them act however she’d like.

For a better representation of “Dollhouse”, watch the music video here.


There are multiple music videos to Cry Baby, and Cry Baby is actually the name of the main character in these videos. As the singles are released the videos connect together, forming a story. If you’d like to see how this has been playing out, go to  Melanie’s YouTube channel here.

My favorite tracks from Cry Baby are “Mad Hatter“, “Pity Party“, “Mrs Potato Head“, “Sippy Cup” and “Dollhouse”. What about you? What are your favorite tracks? Chat in the comments!

Do you have a suggestion for next weeks album of the week? Suggest it in the comments, they’re gladly appreciated!

Album of the Week!

Blink 182 is a band you’ve most likely heard of in some way or another. Blink formed in the suburbs of San Diego, California and emerged into the post-Green Day mainstream explosion of pop-punk. They released a steady stream of hits, bolstered by humorous, tongue-in-cheek music videos.

The bands latest album, Californiareleased on July 1 of this year is this weeks Album of the Week!


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I think this is a great, very fun album. Although there are serious tracks in the album – such as “Home is Such a Lonely Place” and “Left Alone” – there are also some pretty ridiculous tracks, like “Built this Pool” (of whom’s lyrics are: ‘I wanna see some naked dudes, that’s why I built this pool’ . . . that’s it. Those are the lyrics.)

Have you listened to California? If so, what are your favorite tracks? A couple that frequently get stuck in my head are “Bored to Death“, “She’s Out of Her Mind“, and “San Diego“.

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