New ! Imagine Dragons ! Music !

Alright. It’s happened. I’m pumped. I love Imagine Dragons. So much. God.

For the past week Imagine Dragons have been posting on their Instagram and Twitter videos of unusual drawings with quiet background music. It was later discovered by fans that by putting together the initials of the objects of the same color form a word. There were 5 different videos uploaded, leading to the sentence “You made me a believer.” (Imagine Dragons fans are literally so smart I do not belong in this fandom)

What could this be? The title of a new single?  The next album? A lyric?

Well, we didn’t have to wait for long!

Today, January 31st 2017, Imagine Dragons released a new single “Believer” – It’s amazing!


highly encourage you to listen to it! I personally really like the opening lyric ‘first things first imma say all the words inside my head im fired up and tired of the way things have been.’

What do you think of the song? Could this lead to their 3rd album? Let me know by leaving a comment!


The Maine have announced…EVERYTHING!

About a week ago, The Maine made an announcement about . . . well, basically everything!


During a live stream, they released a single, “Bad Behavior” . . .

announced the name of their next album, Lovely, Little, Lonely, and its release date – 4/7/17 (pre-order on iTunes and Google Play!) . . .


and announced their Lovely, Little, Lonely world tour – which starts on March 25th in the UK!


I am so excited about the world tour and album announcement and I love the new single! Those ‘yeah’s are pretty catchy…

What’s your overall reaction to the announcements? Which one are you most excited about? Will you be able to see them on tour? If so, where? Let me know in the comments!

Images taken from The Maine’s twitter account, GIF taken from Google

Album of the Week!

Hey, it’s been a . . . few weeks since I’ve posted one of these. Sorry! My music discovery days have been slow (plus I’ve been hooked on The Maine since I last posted.)

This weeks Album of the Week is Ambitions by ONE OK ROCK!


ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese band formed in Tokyo in 2005. They have been on multiple different tours, their most recent tour adventure was opening for 5 Seconds of Summer on their Sounds Live Feels Live tour.


ONE OK ROCK on stage with 5 Seconds of Summer during the Sounds Live Feels Live tour

Recently (as in, today, recently) they released their album Ambitions – which features a couple tracks with Alex Gaskarth and 5 Seconds of Summer!

Personally, I found this album through 5 Seconds of Summer’s fanbase. I had listened to ONE OK ROCK before, having “Decision” from their 35xxxv album added on my Spotify. I had heard that 5SOS were going to be featured on ONE OK ROCK’s song “Take What You Want” off of this latest album, and decided to give it a listen.

Let me tell you . . .

it is GOOD!

I first experienced this song from a 5SOS fans standpoint, so that’s how I will be talking about it for a minute. “Take What You Want” is incredibly different compared to 5SOS previous music. 5SOS are somewhat of a punk pop band, but ONE OK ROCK do beat them in that area by being a bit more punk. That being said, ONE OK ROCK’s music is screamier than 5SOS music – so it was very different to hear 5SOS in a screamy song.

“Take What You Want” is definitely more vocally intense. It was different to hear 5SOS pushing their vocals to the limit, versus usually bopping along to their harmonious melodies. Nevertheless, it was still really nice to hear. (Some fans consider this as new music from 5SOS – I personally don’t but 5SOS haven’t released any new music in a few months so it was really really nice to hear their voices doing something new!)

After feeling satisfied from “Take What You Want”, I decided to listen to the rest of Ambitions. To be honest, the first few songs didn’t stand out from each other very much; they all seemed to be incredibly similar, nothing really spectacular about them. However, that changed once the album hit “Hard to Love“, one of the slower songs on the album. It was a nice change, and it really catches your attention to go from something so energy packed to soft and melodic. The tracks from then on vary, causing your attention to be held firm.


My favorite tracks off Ambitions are: “Hard to Love”, “Bedroom Warfare“, “American Girls“, “I Was King“, “Start Again“, and “Take What You Want.”

Have you listened to Ambitions or any other ONE OK ROCK songs? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment! Feel free to leave any music suggestions, too!

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I think I’ve Fallen in Love with A(nother) Band

One of my first posts on this blog was about the song “American Candy” by The Maine (said post was sufficiently titled American Candy). Ever since I found that song I’ve been wanting to listen to more of that band, and recently I finally did!


I thought it was appropriate that I would listen to the album American Candy first, since the first song of theirs I had heard was off that album. And let me tell you, man: this album is good.


On American Candy the first track is “Miles Away“, which starts you off with a chill vibe – the song’s repetitive chorus easily getting lodged in your ear. (That doesn’t sound nice . . . but believe me, it’s quite pleasant.) Then, as the album goes on, the songs seem to keep getting better and better!

I don’t know if I have one particular favorite from this album, there are so many good tracks. I really like “My Hair“, “English Girls“, “Diet Soda Society“, “Am I Pretty?“,”(Un)Lost“, “Another Night on Mars” and, of course, “American Candy.” This, my friends, is already a list half the album.


“(Un)Lost” lyrics

The next album I listened to is Forever Halloween – a much calmer album compared to American Candy. (Not that American Candy is fast-paced, Forever Halloween is just a super chill album.)


My first time listening to this album was today, so I don’t have a lot of commentary on it. There are multiple gems in this album, such as “Ugly On The Inside“, but my favorite song would have to be “Kennedy Curse.” My interpretation of this song is that it’s about someone who has a hard time loving or showing affection. But, of course, it can be interpreted in many different ways.


“Kennedy Curse” lyrics

As a mentioned above, I only just listened to Forever Halloween – so these are the only two albums of The Main that I have listened to so far. I understand that’s a small quantity, but their music is so good I had to talk about them!

Have you listened to The Main? What’s your favorite track and/or album? Don’t forget to comment! And feel free to suggest music to me!

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Happy Band Anniversary!

As of today, December 3rd, 2016, 5 Seconds of Summer have been a band for 5 years! And in band-time, 5 years really isn’t a lot of time – yet 5SOS have conquered so much! In short, they have gone on two tours, released two albums and many EPs, won multiple music awards, and have gained an ever growing, ever loyal and supportive, fan base.


And 5 years is a pretty important mark, so 5SOS wanted to give their fans something special for it.

Over the years 5SOS have released many songs, some of which were not on EPs or were not available everywhere around the world. Ever since 5SOS released their first EP, fans have been asking them to release all of the extra or un-officially released songs – and this ask has become even more apparent as the band released more music.

So, as a gift to all the 5SOS fans, 5SOS have released all of their music! Every. Single. Track.

At first the music was released in separate EPs or albums on December 2nd, and now they have been compiled into one playlist: This is Everything We Ever Said (b-sides and rarities)  


I, as well as many other fans, am very excited and very happy about the releases! It’s so nice to be able to hear all of their music!

Not only are all the songs available on Spotify, they are also available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Google Play for purchase! (I, for one, stayed up wayyy too late last night buying the songs I didn’t have – and yet I still have 3 more to buy! I need a job.)

So, what are you waiting for? Go! Listen to all of the 5SOS music! Try Hard, Unpredictable, Gotta Get Out, Disconnected, Rejects, Tomorrow Never Dies, Independence Day – all of it!

Don’t forget to tell me what you think of the releases in the comments! I would love to hear your feedback! Happy listening!


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Imagine Dragons Announcement Revealed!

A week ago, on November 21st, 2016, Imagine Dragons tweeted “one week” with the present emoji – referring to a previous tweet including the same emoji.

This sent me, my friend and many Imagine Dragons fans into a frenzy of excitement and questions. What could this gift be? Of course, many of us were speculating it to be a song – and now the present has been revealed!

Imagine Dragons announced (first via facebook, although they had gotten the Twitter crowed riled up first…) that they have a song, “Levitate”, in the new movie Passengers!


Passengers is an upcoming movie featuring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. The film is about people leaving earth and being in a coma-like state on a ship in space for 120 years. The plan was for these people to return to a new earth after the 120 year period. However, something happens and two of the people on the ship wake up 90 years too early. This is later found out to have not been a mistake.

You can hear a snip of “Levitate” in the Passengers trailer here.

Imagine Dragons new song “Levitate” will be out at midnight tonight! Are you planning on purchasing it? I am! Let me know what you think about Passengers and “Levitate” in the comments!

New Playlist!

Everyone has those times or moods where they just feel super chill and calm. I don’t know about you, but during those moods I like to listen to slower songs during those moods. This can be hard sometimes, and when some more up-beat song comes on it can unsettle your chill vibe. So, I made a playlist to accompany you and your chill-ness!

This playlist, very simply, is titled Chill Vibes!

This playlist currently has a total number of 60 songs, which is good for over 4 hours (and counting) of your chill mood! Although, many of these songs are Imagine Dragons and 5 Second of Summer . . . I’m still working on adding more tracks, so hopefully there will be more of a variety of artists soon!

Anyway, sit back, relax, get a nice smooth drink, and listen to these chill vibes.


This GIF was taken from Google

(If you have any song suggestions for the playlist, comment them!)

p.s. This is a small update on Imagine Dragons “gift.” I don’t mean to alarm you or kick you out of your chill state, so I will state this as calmly as possible: Imagine Dragons tweeted yesterday that the gift is in a week. Let the countdown begin.