Different Artists, New Music in the Same Week!

That’s right: there’s new music out – now!

At midnight today both Hey Violet and K.Flay released new music – and they’re fantastic!

Hey Violet released “Break My Heart” – a bop featuring their recently aquired sound. Listen here:

K.Flay released “High Enough”, a track off her upcoming album Everywhere is Somewhere. (Which is now available for preorder!) Judging from this release, the album is going to be great!

kflay everywhere is somewhere.jpg

K.Flay’s upcoming album “Everywhere is Somewhere”

Listen to “High Enough” here:

(Don’t forget to listen to K.Flays 2nd latest release “Black Wave“!)

WAIT! One more!

3 days ago, on May 7th, Elle King also released a new single titled “Wild Love.”

To me, it’s interesting to hear this track about love coming from Elle King. In my eyes, Elle King’s music has a bit of a reputation of being a bit hard-hearted, not one to sing about falling in love but rather to sing about how she isn’t someone who experiences romantic love often (this is demonstrated in songs from her last album, such as “I Told You I Was Mean“, “Ex’s and Oh’s“, and a bit in “America’s Sweetheart“.) This is a notable change, one that’s caught my interest; I’m eager to find out what she has in store!

Listen to “Wild Love” here:

What do you think of the new releases? Leave a comment!


New Song from The Maine!

Over the weekend, The Maine dropped a track from their upcoming album, Lovely Little Lonely.

March 2nd, the new track “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” was uploaded onto The Maines youtube account, and, as of  Saturday, is now available to purchase on iTunes/Google Play and able to stream on Spotify!

black butterflies and deja vu

“Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” is a lovely song with adorable lyrics, such as ‘I loose my voice when I look at you’, ‘hoping for the right words, waiting for the right words’, and ‘can’t find the sound under my tongue when I look at you.’

black butterflies and deja vu lyric art.jpg

Lyric art from “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” taken from twitter user Laisa (@jennydontyoucry)

The meaning is apparent, being tongue tied when seeing that one person that causes those (black) butterflies to flutter around in your stomach. You may have been in association with this person a countless number of times, so these butterflies may seem like deja vu – yet the continue to fly each time.

Listen to “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” here!

Let me know what you think of the new track! Are you excited for Lovely Little Lonely? Leave a comment!

A Song with Lyrics Worthy to Remember

Recently, “Golden” by Farewell Fighter is a song that I’ve had on repeat. I don’t remember where or how I found this song, but I’m really happy I did.


In “Golden” the singer talks about all the things he’s learned throughout his life. These things vary from light topics to things with somewhat of a deeper meaning. For example: He’s learned not to talk through movies, and he’s also learned to filter out the voices in his head.

I think this is a good song with multiple lyrics that are worthy of keeping in mind. One of my favorite lyrics from “Golden” is ‘I still don’t have that cartridge but I’m learning how to live in black and white.’

Have you listened to “Golden” or any other songs by Farewell Fighter? Leave your thoughts and/or suggestions in the comments!

Really, It’s Just a Song I’ve Been Feelin’

Feelin’? Would that be the proper way to describe how I feel toward this song? I don’t really know. But! Nevertheless, it is a song I like so, of course, I want to share it!

A few months ago I was messing around on Spotify and found out Spotify can basically duplicate any playlist you’ve made – with the same genre but different songs. So, I have a playlist titled For That Mood and had been listening to Spotify’s version of it when I found this song.

Bummin’” is a song by Reliant K, and I’ve been feelin’ it.

I don’t even really have much to say about the song, other than that I like it. I don’t even know what it’s about! I like the tune of it, and it gets stuck in my head alot . . . Plus I use the word “bum” in my vocabulary quite often (I refer to my dog, Emmy, as a bumble berry, but just say “bum” for short), so that adds to why I like it so much at the moment.

Sooo anyway . . . listen to the song! Tell me if you like it or if you have any song suggestions! I’d appreciate it!

A Song That Deserves Recognition

Halestorm is a hard rock band whose lead singer, Lzzy Hale, has amazingly powerful vocals. I can only dream of having vocals like hers.

There is a song off their The Strange Case of . . . album titled “In Your Room” which is full of powerful imagery and heartfelt lyrics. I appreciate this song so much because of those reasons.

“In Your Room” is about a person trying to get someone they’re close to to open up a bit more. The person who is narrating, you could say, attempts to coax the other by saying “Let me in your room, I’ve seen the rest of you.” This lyric goes on with “But I know there’s something more in your room…” meaning that although the person speaking knows this other being very well, they can sense that they’re hiding something from them – there’s just something they haven’t said yet.

The song uses brilliant imagery in the lyrics that entail: “A few pictures from your past, and those walls you’ve painted black, and the secrets that you keep under your bed.” I really really like this imagery because the way the song describes things makes it so so easy to imagine in your head exactly what’s being depicted.

Another lyric from this song that I appreciate is in the last verse which talks about a poster of their favorite band. All the things depicted in this room have been things that are very important emotionally to the person – pictures from their past, walls or things they don’t want to look back on that have been painted black, secrets hidden under the bed, and unopened letters from their dad – and the poster is included. This means that the band on that poster is also important to them, the bands music (or music in general) could have helped them get through a rough spot in time – possibly one of the times that have now been painted black.

Anyway, this song has so much meaning to it that of course can be taken different ways depending on how you look at them. If you’ve listened to the song, what do you think certain lyrics or the song in general means? Does it have any special meaning to you? Are there any certain lyrics you connect with? If you feel comfortable, please share your thoughts in the comments.

If you have yet to listen to the song, I completely suggest that you do. Here is a lyric video of the song for you to watch, listen to, and – most importantly – enjoy.


This Gif was taken from Google

MCR and TOP Combined?

Are you a fan of My Chemical Romance? Are you a fan of Twenty One Pilots? A fan of both? If you are, this song will make you very happy! Or, very emo . . . the chance of you experiencing both of these feelings is very high.

In 2006 on October 23rd, My Chemical Romance released a song “Cancer”, a deeply emotional song about a patient battling cancer. The lyrics depict this patient in a tired state, coming to terms with the fact that they will die. However, they realize there’s something they can’t quite accept: having to part with their lover.

And now, 10 years later, Twenty One Pilots have released their own cover of it! Their cover captures the essence of the original, maybe even adding more depiction and feeling to it.

Listen to MCR’s original here and TOP’s cover here.

These photos have been taken from Google.

I know I’m a late on announcing this – I’m sorry! When this was released it totally slipped my mind to announce it on TotalBandGeek!

TOP’s version puts a twist on “Cancer”. But it could never replace the original! Well, maybe that’s just my opinion . . . What do you think? Leave your opinions in the comments!

The summary of “Cancer” was taken from My Chemical Romance: Cancer Meaning