Music Video for Believer – out now!

January 31st of this year Imagine Dragons released their single “Believer”!

Believer is a song with, in my eyes, multiple different meanings – a different one with each verse. Overall, “Believer” is about pain and how it can change your viewpoints and/or make you realize things you maybe haven’t given thought to before.

As of today, March 7th, the music video for “Believer” has been released!

The music video portrays Dan Reynolds combating Matt Eastin in a boxing match as a young boy scribbles in a notebook some ways away. What I see is that these three people are actually the same man – he, as a boy, draws on a notebook as the adult version of himself fights the older adult version. What’s even stranger is that these adult men seem to be computer generated, each with the symbol ‘ƎE’ tattooed on their chest.

Watch the music video for “Believer” below – tell me what you think it means by leaving a comment!


New ! Imagine Dragons ! Music !

Alright. It’s happened. I’m pumped. I love Imagine Dragons. So much. God.

For the past week Imagine Dragons have been posting on their Instagram and Twitter videos of unusual drawings with quiet background music. It was later discovered by fans that by putting together the initials of the objects of the same color form a word. There were 5 different videos uploaded, leading to the sentence “You made me a believer.” (Imagine Dragons fans are literally so smart I do not belong in this fandom)

What could this be? The title of a new single?  The next album? A lyric?

Well, we didn’t have to wait for long!

Today, January 31st 2017, Imagine Dragons released a new single “Believer” – It’s amazing!


highly encourage you to listen to it! I personally really like the opening lyric ‘first things first imma say all the words inside my head im fired up and tired of the way things have been.’

What do you think of the song? Could this lead to their 3rd album? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Imagine Dragons Announcement Revealed!

A week ago, on November 21st, 2016, Imagine Dragons tweeted “one week” with the present emoji – referring to a previous tweet including the same emoji.

This sent me, my friend and many Imagine Dragons fans into a frenzy of excitement and questions. What could this gift be? Of course, many of us were speculating it to be a song – and now the present has been revealed!

Imagine Dragons announced (first via facebook, although they had gotten the Twitter crowed riled up first…) that they have a song, “Levitate”, in the new movie Passengers!


Passengers is an upcoming movie featuring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. The film is about people leaving earth and being in a coma-like state on a ship in space for 120 years. The plan was for these people to return to a new earth after the 120 year period. However, something happens and two of the people on the ship wake up 90 years too early. This is later found out to have not been a mistake.

You can hear a snip of “Levitate” in the Passengers trailer here.

Imagine Dragons new song “Levitate” will be out at midnight tonight! Are you planning on purchasing it? I am! Let me know what you think about Passengers and “Levitate” in the comments!

A Quick Update!

There were a few things released in the past couple weeks that I want to let everyone know about, they’re short little things so I’ve decided to squeeze ’em all in one post!

Melanie Martinez released the music video for “Pacify Her“, a single off of her Cry Baby album. Watch the video here! Comment what you thought!


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Dodie Clark’s Intertwined EP is out now! My favorite track is “Absolutely Smitten.” Comment your favorite track!


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Max released an alternate music video of his single “Lights Down Low” off of his Hells Kitchen Angel album. This version features his wedding ceremony! Watch here. Comment your reaction!


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Lastly: Imagine Dragons tweeted “a gift for u soon” and I am not totally sure what it means but I am freaking out inside. (new music???? a single??? an album??? a tour??? WHAT IS IT, GUYS) Comment your speculations!

Said Imagine Dragons tweet ft. a reaction image of how I feel about it (not my tweet)

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Album of the Week!

This weeks album is of one of my most favorite bands – Imagine Dragons!

Imagine Dragons are an alternative rock band composed of 4 members – Dan Reynolds (lead singer), Ben Mckee (bass player), Wayne Sermon (guitarist), and Daniel Platzman (drummer).


The band has, among many EPs, two albums released: Night Visions and Smoke and Mirrors. The album for this week is the deluxe version of Night Visions!


Night Visions deluxe has 16 tracks and in those tracks are hundreds of meaningful lyrics. That’s one of the main reasons I love this band: their songs have a deeper meaning.

For example, their single “Demons.” This song, of course, can be interpreted in many ways, however you see fit, but this is how I see it: “Demons” is about person A wanting to keep person B safe, secure, untouched by the terrible things in this world.

There are many lyrics in “Demons” that hint at the bad things in the world; such as ‘And the ones we hail are the worst of all’. The way I see this lyric, I see it as the priests in churches. Many people look up to them and see them as close to God – and yet these priests do the worst of things. I really, really don’t want to get into detail of what I’ve heard, so if you’re confused please Google it, I guess.

Another lyric I like from “Demons” is ‘when the lights fade out all the sinners crawl.’ To me, this is about the show. The show everyone puts on, those in your neighborhood and those controlling the things we see in entertainment. We all put on that every thing’s fine, but when we’re alone – when the lights have faded out – the real thing sets in. The sadness, the pain, the misery. The sinners crawl. Of course, there are much better ways to explain what I’ve just said and better things to compare it to.

So, those are examples of the things person A wants to keep person B from seeing and experiencing. However, ‘no matter what we breed, we still are made of greed’, we can’t change things, no matter how hard we try. It’s just not humanly possible. And ‘with the beast inside, there’s nowhere we can hide’ – person A has already been affected by the world. Person B isn’t even safe from the person that wants to keep them safe.


That, in my eyes, is what “Demons” is about. And, because of that meaning, “Demons” is one of my top favorite Imagine Dragons songs. Also, in Smoke and Mirrors there is a track, “Dream“, that, to me, is about a person realizing that this world isnt what they thought it was. It isnt all the colors that they painted in their head – they’ve realized it’s not as magical as they thought it was. Because of what I think “Dream” is about, I feel it goes hand-in-hand with “Demons” in the way that I think “Dream” is about person B who’s grown up now and isn’t shielded by person A anymore. “Dream” is also one of my top favorite Imagine Dragons tracks.

Night Visions is about more than the badness of the world, of course! There are fun tracks too, such as “On Top of the World“, and “It’s Time.” One of my favorite lyrics from “It’s Time” is ‘now don’t you understand? I’m never changing who I am.’ I find it really empowering.

its time gif.gif

What are your favorite tracks from Night Visions? My favorites are “Demons“, “Radioactive“, “Amsterdam“, “Hear Me“, “Round and Round“, “The River“, and “Selene“! Share your favorite Smoke and Mirrors tracks, too in the comments!!

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