A Quick Update!

There were a few things released in the past couple weeks that I want to let everyone know about, they’re short little things so I’ve decided to squeeze ’em all in one post!

Melanie Martinez released the music video for “Pacify Her“, a single off of her Cry Baby album. Watch the video here! Comment what you thought!


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Dodie Clark’s Intertwined EP is out now! My favorite track is “Absolutely Smitten.” Comment your favorite track!


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Max released an alternate music video of his single “Lights Down Low” off of his Hells Kitchen Angel album. This version features his wedding ceremony! Watch here. Comment your reaction!


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Lastly: Imagine Dragons tweeted “a gift for u soon” and I am not totally sure what it means but I am freaking out inside. (new music???? a single??? an album??? a tour??? WHAT IS IT, GUYS) Comment your speculations!

Said Imagine Dragons tweet ft. a reaction image of how I feel about it (not my tweet)

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A Young Girls’ First EP

Dodie Clark is a ukulele playing Youtuber from the UK – and she’s releasing an EP!

Dodie’s EP Intertwined – which you  can preorder on iTunes and Google Play now – will be out on November 18th. Watch her announcement video here: HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT



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Not only will Dodie be releasing her own EP, she also released a single which you can now listen to on Spotify called “Sick of Losing Soulmates“. This single was #1 on Soptify’s UK Viral Chart on October 19th.


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One of my personal favorite songs of Dodie is “Would You Be So Kind

Do you watch Dodie on Youtube? What is your favorite song/cover of hers? Please share in the comments!

NEW Lights Down Low EP by MAX

American singer, dancer, and actor Max G Schneider  – now only going by MAX – released a new single and EP!

3 days ago, on October 14th, Max released the music video for “Lights Down Low“. This version of Lights Down Low is featuring Gnash – A singer who is currently known for his single “I Hate U I Love U“.

Along with this music video and single release is the release of the Lights Down Low EP. This EP has 3 tracks – the original “Lights Down Low”, “Lights Down Low” featuring Gnash, and “Lights Down Low” Not Your Dope Remix. The EP is out now and can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play.


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What did you think of the music video and EP? Leave a review in the comments!