Album of the Week!

Hey, it’s been a . . . few weeks since I’ve posted one of these. Sorry! My music discovery days have been slow (plus I’ve been hooked on The Maine since I last posted.)

This weeks Album of the Week is Ambitions by ONE OK ROCK!


ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese band formed in Tokyo in 2005. They have been on multiple different tours, their most recent tour adventure was opening for 5 Seconds of Summer on their Sounds Live Feels Live tour.


ONE OK ROCK on stage with 5 Seconds of Summer during the Sounds Live Feels Live tour

Recently (as in, today, recently) they released their album Ambitions – which features a couple tracks with Alex Gaskarth and 5 Seconds of Summer!

Personally, I found this album through 5 Seconds of Summer’s fanbase. I had listened to ONE OK ROCK before, having “Decision” from their 35xxxv album added on my Spotify. I had heard that 5SOS were going to be featured on ONE OK ROCK’s song “Take What You Want” off of this latest album, and decided to give it a listen.

Let me tell you . . .

it is GOOD!

I first experienced this song from a 5SOS fans standpoint, so that’s how I will be talking about it for a minute. “Take What You Want” is incredibly different compared to 5SOS previous music. 5SOS are somewhat of a punk pop band, but ONE OK ROCK do beat them in that area by being a bit more punk. That being said, ONE OK ROCK’s music is screamier than 5SOS music – so it was very different to hear 5SOS in a screamy song.

“Take What You Want” is definitely more vocally intense. It was different to hear 5SOS pushing their vocals to the limit, versus usually bopping along to their harmonious melodies. Nevertheless, it was still really nice to hear. (Some fans consider this as new music from 5SOS – I personally don’t but 5SOS haven’t released any new music in a few months so it was really really nice to hear their voices doing something new!)

After feeling satisfied from “Take What You Want”, I decided to listen to the rest of Ambitions. To be honest, the first few songs didn’t stand out from each other very much; they all seemed to be incredibly similar, nothing really spectacular about them. However, that changed once the album hit “Hard to Love“, one of the slower songs on the album. It was a nice change, and it really catches your attention to go from something so energy packed to soft and melodic. The tracks from then on vary, causing your attention to be held firm.


My favorite tracks off Ambitions are: “Hard to Love”, “Bedroom Warfare“, “American Girls“, “I Was King“, “Start Again“, and “Take What You Want.”

Have you listened to Ambitions or any other ONE OK ROCK songs? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment! Feel free to leave any music suggestions, too!

All images have been taken from Google

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