Happy Band Anniversary!

As of today, December 3rd, 2016, 5 Seconds of Summer have been a band for 5 years! And in band-time, 5 years really isn’t a lot of time – yet 5SOS have conquered so much! In short, they have gone on two tours, released two albums and many EPs, won multiple music awards, and have gained an ever growing, ever loyal and supportive, fan base.


And 5 years is a pretty important mark, so 5SOS wanted to give their fans something special for it.

Over the years 5SOS have released many songs, some of which were not on EPs or were not available everywhere around the world. Ever since 5SOS released their first EP, fans have been asking them to release all of the extra or un-officially released songs – and this ask has become even more apparent as the band released more music.

So, as a gift to all the 5SOS fans, 5SOS have released all of their music! Every. Single. Track.

At first the music was released in separate EPs or albums on December 2nd, and now they have been compiled into one playlist: This is Everything We Ever Said (b-sides and rarities)  


I, as well as many other fans, am very excited and very happy about the releases! It’s so nice to be able to hear all of their music!

Not only are all the songs available on Spotify, they are also available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Google Play for purchase! (I, for one, stayed up wayyy too late last night buying the songs I didn’t have – and yet I still have 3 more to buy! I need a job.)

So, what are you waiting for? Go! Listen to all of the 5SOS music! Try Hard, Unpredictable, Gotta Get Out, Disconnected, Rejects, Tomorrow Never Dies, Independence Day – all of it!

Don’t forget to tell me what you think of the releases in the comments! I would love to hear your feedback! Happy listening!


All media was taken from Google


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