New Playlist!

Everyone has those times or moods where they just feel super chill and calm. I don’t know about you, but during those moods I like to listen to slower songs during those moods. This can be hard sometimes, and when some more up-beat song comes on it can unsettle your chill vibe. So, I made a playlist to accompany you and your chill-ness!

This playlist, very simply, is titled Chill Vibes!

This playlist currently has a total number of 60 songs, which is good for over 4 hours (and counting) of your chill mood! Although, many of these songs are Imagine Dragons and 5 Second of Summer . . . I’m still working on adding more tracks, so hopefully there will be more of a variety of artists soon!

Anyway, sit back, relax, get a nice smooth drink, and listen to these chill vibes.


This GIF was taken from Google

(If you have any song suggestions for the playlist, comment them!)

p.s. This is a small update on Imagine Dragons “gift.” I don’t mean to alarm you or kick you out of your chill state, so I will state this as calmly as possible: Imagine Dragons tweeted yesterday that the gift is in a week. Let the countdown begin.


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