Album of the Week

As much as I would love to have 5SOS’s Sounds Good Feels Good as this weeks album of the week, that album already had a spotlight post this week because it just turned 1! You can read that post here, if you’d like.

So! This week’s album of the week is Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez!


From what I’ve noticed (and heard other people say), Melanie Martinez specialty with Cry Baby is that she takes serious – or not so serious – problems and situations and compares them to something childish.

For example: in a single off the album, “Dollhouse“, Melanie compares a not-so-perfect family to dolls in a doll house. When the little girl (society/the public eye) that plays with them isn’t playing with them and has the dollhouse doors close, the dolls act as their normal selves, like in Toy Story. Everyone outside of the house sees these dolls, this family, as your average, so called “perfect”, family. But they don’t see what happens when the doll house doors are closed. The husband is cheating. The moms an alcoholic. The brother does drugs. Etc etc etc. But, when the doors to the dollhouse are back open, they act as they do in public and let the little girl control and have them act however she’d like.

For a better representation of “Dollhouse”, watch the music video here.


There are multiple music videos to Cry Baby, and Cry Baby is actually the name of the main character in these videos. As the singles are released the videos connect together, forming a story. If you’d like to see how this has been playing out, go to  Melanie’s YouTube channel here.

My favorite tracks from Cry Baby are “Mad Hatter“, “Pity Party“, “Mrs Potato Head“, “Sippy Cup” and “Dollhouse”. What about you? What are your favorite tracks? Chat in the comments!

Do you have a suggestion for next weeks album of the week? Suggest it in the comments, they’re gladly appreciated!


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