Really, It’s Just a Song I’ve Been Feelin’

Feelin’? Would that be the proper way to describe how I feel toward this song? I don’t really know. But! Nevertheless, it is a song I like so, of course, I want to share it!

A few months ago I was messing around on Spotify and found out Spotify can basically duplicate any playlist you’ve made – with the same genre but different songs. So, I have a playlist titled For That Mood and had been listening to Spotify’s version of it when I found this song.

Bummin’” is a song by Reliant K, and I’ve been feelin’ it.

I don’t even really have much to say about the song, other than that I like it. I don’t even know what it’s about! I like the tune of it, and it gets stuck in my head alot . . . Plus I use the word “bum” in my vocabulary quite often (I refer to my dog, Emmy, as a bumble berry, but just say “bum” for short), so that adds to why I like it so much at the moment.

Sooo anyway . . . listen to the song! Tell me if you like it or if you have any song suggestions! I’d appreciate it!

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