A Year Ago Today

A year ago today 5 Seconds of Summer – also known as 5SOS – released their 2nd album Sounds Good Feels Good – also referred to as SGFG. This album is one the band wanted their fans to love, because in some ways it was made specifically for the fans. Not only did the band want their fans to love the album, they wanted this album to be something people can love for years – so much that the album becomes a part of their life.


This image was taken from Google

Compared to 5SOS’s first album, SGFG has a different sound and is much more mature. The band has said that they’re trying out different sounds – their 3rd album may be one you can dance to. (Much like their latest Ghostbusters single “Girls Talk Boys“)

There were special album covers released with each band member on their own version. Posted below is each version.

sgfgc sgfga sgfgl sgfgm

These images were taken from Google

Some of the stronger messages in the album I’ve found are:

“This is me. This is my life. Screw you if you’re not okay with it.” ( “Permanent Vacation” )

“We’re different. We have different ideas. Not everyone supports us or understands – that’s fine. I’m gonna work for it anyway.” ( “She’s Kinda Hot” )

“It’s okay to not be okay.” ( “Jet Black Heart” ) This message is one the band felt their fans – or any listeners really – needed to know and understand.


Artwork – street art – that went along with each song. These images were one by one painted onto walls around the world

This collage was taken from Google

Among the 17 songs on SGFG, there are a couple of ridiculous tracks, such as “Money“, it also has quite serious tracks, such as “Jet Black Heart” and “Broken Home” – among others.

There are three tracks of this album that 5SOS made into singles:

“She’s Kinda Hot” – watch the music video here

“Hey Everybody” –watch the music video here

“Jet Black Heart” – watch the music video here (this music video involves a few of the fans)

If you haven’t listened to Sounds Good Feels Good, I completely suggest you do. Even if you are someone who may be somewhat opposed to 5SOS – have you actually listened to their music and found it isn’t right for you? Or are you going along with what  you’ve heard from others? As I noted earlier, this album is much different compared to their first, so this album is a good one to listen to if you’re on the fence about 5SOS.

Have you listened to Sounds Good Feels Good? What’s your favorite track/s? A few of my favorites would be “Permanent Vacation”, “Airplanes“, “San Francisco“, “Jet Black Heart”, and “Permanent Vacation.”

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