Another Uke!

I am incredibly happy to say that yesterday my new Luna concert uke arrived!

I ended up having to order it off a different site than planned – Musicians Friend – which caused me to feel a bit pretentious. Although it’s the same uke on both sites, I do think the one I ended up purchasing is a bit darker than the other.

But! The one I purchased was a teeny bit cheaper so that was nice. And the site said nothing about the uke coming with a gig bag so I was surprised when the uke arrived  inside a gig bag!

(This was a nerve-racking picture to take because I was worried my ukes would fall in the water! Which, Earl almost did…)

The Luna is a bit bigger than Earl, my first uke, than I expected it to be. But, as I’ve said before, Earl is a kids uke so maybe he isn’t actually even a soprano? I’m not sure, I’m just guessing here.

I wasn’t planning on naming my instruments, but one day I just decided to call my first uke “Earl” so now he’s Earl-the-uke! I’ve even inscribed it onto his head, haha! So, I found it fitting to name my second uke “Luna”, since it’s a Luna uke.

Luna arrived pretty tuned, not perfectly but almost. I myself don’t have a tuner yet but my friend does – hopefully I’ll see her soon so she can tune it! In the meantime, Luna has a much deeper sound than Earl and I love it! 

The physical differences between Luna and Earl that I’ve noticed would be:

• Luna’s head is smaller

• Earls neck is shorter

• Luna’s body shape is much different and her body is also thicker in width

I’m overjoyed in the arrival of Luna and am so excited to begin using her!

All photos are originally mine

What do you think of Luna? Do you have any suggestions of what songs to test out on her? Answer in the comments!


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