Ukulele Update!

A few days ago I posted Help! which was full of questions that I had about ukuleles. Recently I found this article on Ukuguides which successfully answered many of the questions that I had. I completely suggest it to anyone who would like to learn a little more about ukes or if they would like suggestions about where to buy them or which would be the best to buy.

Ukuguides is, you could say, a sister-site to Ukutabs which is a wonderful site where you can find the correct chords to play on the ukulele to a large variety of different songs. I have been using this site since I’ve learned to play ukulele and find it very very useful! So of course I also suggest this site to anyone interested in playing different songs on their uke πŸ™‚

Anyway, Ukuguides answered my questions and I think I’ll be buying the Luna Ukulele Concert Tattoo Mahogany with Gigbag – or, as I find it much easier to refer to it as “the concert uke” – as soon as I can!

3 thoughts on “Ukulele Update!

  1. Oh, I own the Luna ukulele (concert) with a tattoo of the word “peace” in many languages and a peace sign. I usually buy my ukuleles through Amazon since I live kinda rural and it’s difficult to get to the city for a music store, but I was at a local boat show and someone had a booth with guitars and T-shirts and there was this gorgeous ukulele and I’m still happy with it. I’m not a professional, so could not stand up to anyone with a difference of opinion. Just want to say that the price was right and it makes me happy, day and night! Hope you bought one…


    • It’s cool that you own a uke that’s so similar to the one I’m interested in! It’s great that you found a ukulele you’re happy with! πŸ˜ƒ I currently have a soprano uke, and I really do love it (we’ve had it around the house forever) but I recently found out it’s a kids uke so that’s kinda why I want a new uke

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