Album of the week!

This week’s Album of the Week is Everybody Wants by The Struts!


This image was taken from Google

The Struts are English rockers who burst into the public with a classic rock style. Although the band is quite new their music has a 60’s 70’s sound. Their music also has big singalong choruses – of which are the choruses that earned their videos hundreds of thousands of YouTube hits and won them a deal with Mercury Records.

Want an example? View the Music Video for “Could’ve Been Me” here.

I absolutely love this album! It’s full of good vibes which you can move along to. It’s one of those albums that you just can’t help but feel good when listening to, in my opinion.

My favorite tracks off this album would be “Could’ve Been Me“, “Mary Go Round“, and “Only Just a Call Away


This Album-of-the-Week thing is new, but I think I’ll try to keep up with it! It seems like each week there’s a different album that I feel more connected to than usual, so this can give me a way to talk about it and spread it around! We’ll see how long this goes 😉

Have you listened to Everybody Wants? What was your favorite track/s? Do you have any albums to suggest to me? They could earn their spot in an Album-of-the-Week post! Submit your ideas, suggestions, and favorites in the comment section!

Oh! Fun fact about how I found this band: the first song I had ever heard by them was “Could’ve Been Me” while I was shopping for more band merch in Hot Topic! It sounded so good – I had to look it up when I got home!

Information about The Struts was taken from Spotify

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