I (roughly) can play the ukulele, and what I have is a First Act Discovery soprano uke. I’ve had this uke around my house for years and only started playing this summer. However, recently I found out my ol’ scuffed uke is a kids uke, so now I’m thinking I want a regular “adult” ukulele.

Buying a new uke comes with new decisions. I found a beautiful uke but I think – although I can’t exactly figure out if – it’s a baritone ukulele.

So, my question is, even though this ukulele in question isn’t a soprano, should I get it? Will there be that much of a difference if I switch from soprano to baritone? Will baritone require playing the uke differently in any way? I know (or at least I think) the main difference between soprano and baritone ukulele’s is the sound and some difference in size/shape – are there any other significant differences between the two?

I know next-to-nothing about this, so please answer my questions and/or add any additional info in the comments! It will be much appreciated and help me out a lot!

If you are interested in seeing / can let me know any more information about the ukulele I am interested in buying, here’s the link: Luna Ukulele Concert Tattoo Mahogany with Gigbag



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