MCR and TOP Combined?

Are you a fan of My Chemical Romance? Are you a fan of Twenty One Pilots? A fan of both? If you are, this song will make you very happy! Or, very emo . . . the chance of you experiencing both of these feelings is very high.

In 2006 on October 23rd, My Chemical Romance released a song “Cancer”, a deeply emotional song about a patient battling cancer. The lyrics depict this patient in a tired state, coming to terms with the fact that they will die. However, they realize there’s something they can’t quite accept: having to part with their lover.

And now, 10 years later, Twenty One Pilots have released their own cover of it! Their cover captures the essence of the original, maybe even adding more depiction and feeling to it.

Listen to MCR’s original here and TOP’s cover here.

These photos have been taken from Google.

I know I’m a late on announcing this – I’m sorry! When this was released it totally slipped my mind to announce it on TotalBandGeek!

TOP’s version puts a twist on “Cancer”. But it could never replace the original! Well, maybe that’s just my opinion . . . What do you think? Leave your opinions in the comments!

The summary of “Cancer” was taken from My Chemical Romance: Cancer Meaning

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