A Song For Your Uke

The ukulele. A very popular instrument of 2016, in my opinion. Like, everyone plays one??  And I’m one of those people! I need a lot, a lot more practice though…

But I’m not writing this to talk about ukuleles! (although if you are interested in learning an instrument, i do suggest the ol’ uke. It’s really quite easy and portable!) I’m here to talk about a song, of course!

I was on Youtube and a music video was suggested to me. “The Terrible Dinner Guest” by a girl with the username as: Danielle Ate The Sandwich. I watched the video, and absolutely fell in love with the song!

This song features a uke (makes sense now why I had brought them up, huh?) and is a very chill, relaxing song 🙂 I would describe “The Terrible Dinner Guest” meaning as an adult who is, well, socially awkward, I guess you could say. They don’t fit in the so-called-adult conversations that are typically held at a dinner table. And, in fact, these subjects tend to bore her. At one point in the song, the singer describes herself as a “middle school boy at the sock hop, clinging to walls to avoid small talk.”

Anyway, I absolutely adore the song and only feel it’s right for me to find the chords and play them on my own uke 😉

Watch the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZTxjwv5c0I

What did you think of the song and music video? Do you play any instruments, such as the ukulele? Answer in the comments!


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