Welcome to my music blog!

I created this blog because music is something I really enjoy and I want to share it with others! My goal for this blog is to share different bands, albums, songs, playlists, and genres; and I want to help others discover their music taste! On this blog I will also be posting updates of recent releases of the bands and artists I like  đź™‚

I want you to suggest music too! Not only do I want to help others’ music taste grow, but I would like mine to grow too! So, if you have a song, band, or playlist in mind, please suggest it in the comments sections! Or, if you listened to something I suggested, you can leave a review of what you thought, too!

This blog is pretty new, so the navigation may still be a bit rocky…but I’m working on it! In the meantime, why not listen to some music? A band I would suggest is Moose Blood. They’re an emo-punk band, and I think they’re pretty good! To get started, I would suggest their song “Knuckles“. I hope you enjoy!

What did you think of Moose Blood? Leave your thoughts in the comments! What do you think of my blog? Any suggestions? They will be much appreciated!

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