The Evolution of my Music Taste

I have always loved music – and I would like to say that that love has blossomed in the most recent years. Until recently, I didn’t know what my music taste was. Then again – I don’t think I knew what a “music taste” was either.

When I was little my mom played a lot of country. One of her favorite singers was Jo-Dee Messina, and I remember dancing around in the kitchen to her songs. I also remember my mom was able to see Jo-Dee in concert, and I came with  – but I was little, so I fell asleep for a lot of it.

My mom has told me that the first song I sang along to was Joe Diffie’s “Me”. I don’t think that’s the correct title, though… But anyway, I was in the tub when that song came on the radio and I began saying “me me me me me”. Which doesn’t seem like much, but that really is the basic lyrics of that song.

My music taste then went from country to oldies. When we would ride in the car we had the “Good Time Oldies” station on, and I now know a few of the beach boys songs.

Somewhere between country and oldies, my grandfather got me to like Elvis. I remember going to Elvis impersonation show’s when I was little – we actually have a picture of me at one with the lit up “ELVIS” sign in the background.

And now, my music taste is really diverse, at least I would like to say so. I can’t really tell you which genre’s I like, but that’s only because I don’t know what each one is called. My top two favorite bands are Imagine Dragons and 5 Seconds of Summer (also known as 5sos). I was able to see 5sos in concert in July 2015, but, sadly, have not seen Imagine Dragons live – YET! I’ve got plans for that band . . .

This music summary wasn’t much, but I hope you found some enjoyment in reading it. I also hope you have an open mind to the music I suggest to you; you never know what  you might end up liking.


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